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Cambodia & Press: Kratie, one of the best travel destinations in Asia in 2024

According to Travel + Leisure, a major travel magazine based in New York, the city of Kratié, located in northeast Cambodia, is among the best places to visit in Asia in 2024.

In Kampi. Photo Erwan Deverre
In Kampi. Photo Erwan Deverre

The magazine also recommends some interesting activities for visitors to enjoy in the area: "In Kratie, or Krong Kracheh, visit the Irrawaddy dolphin habitat to interact with these beautiful and rare mammals. Check out the Cham Pey waterfall and the turtle conservation center. If you arrive at the right time, you can watch the turtles hatch and migrate, aided by the hand of man. In dry weather, the Kampi River dries up, giving way to hammocks suspended from the riverbed and makeshift bridges linking villages."

The best time to visit Kratie is from November to May, says the magazine.

Other destinations featured on the list are Palawan in the Philippines, Takayama in Japan, the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, Incheon in the Republic of Korea, Pak Chong in Thailand, Zhangjiajie in China, Hue in Vietnam, St. John's Island in Singapore, Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, Mirissa in Sri Lanka, Meghalaya in India, Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, and Taipei in Taiwan.


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