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Restaurant & culinary review: ”We Savoured Elegance, Creativity and Excellence”, at Topaz

I was curious to find out what was going on in the kitchens of Topaz Norodom and was intrigued by the numerous new announcements about seasonal menus, so I decided to once again venture into the delights of this Mecca of French cuisine in Phnom Penh. 

Although I’m not actually a regular at this highly regarded restaurant – although I have had the privilege of attending a few gastronomic events held there – I have always considered it to be the best restaurant in the capital when it comes to haute cuisine. There are several reasons for this: the cuisine is refined in the true sense of the word, there is genuine creativity and the subdued evening atmosphere encourages you to let yourself go, that strange nonchalance that makes you completely forget the hassles of everyday life to completely and voluptuously devote yourself to a single activity: savouring a sumptuous and excellent dinner. 

So I persuaded my husband and eight-year-old son to go to this beautiful restaurant to try out their new seasonal menu. The main reason was the idea of a fine gourmet evening, the curiosity to discover what this magic formula "Savouring Elegance" meant and, another strong argument, Topaz is offering a formula with three price levels, 50, 60 and 90 USD. So there's really no reason to pass it up at that price.

I'd forgotten how quickly the setting and the elegance of the place put you at ease. Lots of greenery around the main room, large tables with comfortable armchairs or sofas and, of course, smiling, respectful and particularly attentive staff.

I've heard that it was the boss of the Thalias group, Arnaud Darc, who himself suggested this seasonal menu inspired by the flavours of France and Europe, with the help of his teams and probably relying on the talent of chef Sopheak to create a subtle harmony between his local inspirations and his ability to blend in these touches from beyond. As I've already mentioned, I've had the opportunity to taste Chef Sopheak's creations and the verdict has always been clear: marvellous!


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