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Nature: Sipar and the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge publish an educational book on insects

In collaboration with the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, Sipar, the leading Cambodian NGO dedicated to publishing and combating illiteracy, is to unveil their joint publication: "Insects in Cambodia".

Nature: Sipar and the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge publish an educational book on insects

The official launch of the book is scheduled for 14 March 2024 at the SOSORO Museum. The book, available in English, French and Khmer, is designed to inspire curiosity and discover the rich diversity of Cambodia's insects among young readers thanks to its attractive content, simple language and dynamic illustrations. "The book also serves as an educational tool, aiming to impart to young readers an understanding of the vital role insects play in our environment," say the book's authors.

The complex world of Cambodia's insects

"Insects are part of our natural heritage," says Mr Hok Sothik, Managing Director of Sipar, adding: "We decided to publish a book on insects because, as a tropical country with many forested areas, Cambodia has a wide variety of insects. They are very important for our ecosystem. But some of them can also harm us. Therefore, focusing on the insects that live in our country is very important for Cambodians, especially young people, because it allows us to better understand the nature that surrounds us, to better identify, preserve and protect these species, while at the same time protecting ourselves".

One of the authors of this book is Pierre-Olivier Maquart, already well known for his many books published in France, and for the first time he is collaborating with his colleague Sébastien Boyer. Their expertise, combined with that of SIPAR, has resulted in an educational, accessible book that raises awareness of crucial issues.

For Dr Sébastien Boyer, co-author of the book and head of the medical and veterinary entomology unit at the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge,

"The primary objective for us, along with Pierre-Olivier Maquart and the members of the Unit, was to arouse the curiosity of young Cambodians.''

"Indeed, by selecting the most emblematic and remarkable insect species in Cambodia, we wanted to offer a comprehensive and educational work to instil an early passion for entomology in the new generation. In addition, a range of background information is also provided in the book to explain the life cycles and peculiarities of these fascinating species".


Operating in Cambodia since 1991, the NGO Sipar runs literacy and education programmes for the country's disadvantaged population groups, in close partnership with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Its mission is to encourage a reading culture and create a literate Cambodian society - an essential lever for social development. Sipar is also one of Cambodia's leading publishing houses and publishes books in the Khmer language, with an emphasis on books for children and teenagers.

With over 40 years of expertise, Sipar is now a leading NGO providing technical and educational support to national and provincial institutions, local authorities, communities and local NGOs in Cambodia.

Institut Pasteur du Cambodge

The Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, established in December 1953, is a non-profit research institution under the patronage of the Cambodian Ministry of Health. The Institute also reports to the Institut Pasteur in Paris for its scientific and technical approaches and programmes.

Its statutes and operational systems are codified in the agreement between the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Institut Pasteur de Paris, signed in 1992 and since amended by two supplementary agreements.

Its mission: to contribute to the prevention and treatment of diseases through research, public health activities, training and healthcare services, always respecting the highest standards of excellence and quality.

Today, the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge employs around 300 people of 16 different nationalities, 90% of whom are Cambodian. The average age of employees is 32, and more than half of the staff are women.

Over the years and through its projects, the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge has developed solid expertise and technical platforms for conducting innovative research in the life sciences and health, focusing on infectious diseases and emerging pathogens.

The Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, following in the Pasteurian tradition, is pursuing its missions with dedication, in the service of science and health in Cambodia and the region.


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