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Interview & Confluences : Sandra, promoting Malongo's ethical coffee in Cambodia

Sandra Manrique is the brand new business development manager for Malongo coffee, a French brand that promotes fair trade and respect for the environment. Interview with a young woman who is blossoming in Cambodia...

Sandra Manrique, Business Development Manager for Malongo coffee in Cambodia
Sandra Manrique, Business Development Manager for Malongo coffee in Cambodia

About you...

My name is Sandra, I'm American, born of Mexican parents and I became

French last year, in 2023. I studied communications in the United States, in Chicago, and I have experience in business development, marketing and recruitment.

How did you come to Cambodia?

I came with my partner who had a professional opportunity here and we decided to settle in Phnom Penh. It was my first time in Asia.

What was your first impression when you arrived in Phnom Penh?

It's a big city with a lot going on. We were in Nantes before, so it's a very different city. But the people are really nice, I feel at home here, and I felt at home quite quickly, quicker than I thought I would.

What is your professional activity in Cambodia?

I work at Confluences, we're distributors of the Malongo brand, which is a French coffee. I'm responsible for marketing the brand here in Cambodia. It's a really well-known brand in terms of fair trade and all their products are biodegradable.

What do you like most about Cambodia, and what do you like least?

What I like most is that life here is very calm, compared with the United States or France. I feel really calm, not stressed, even though it's a very busy city. And the people are really friendly and welcoming.

On the other hand, what I like least is that it's a bit too hot for me. There's also a lot of pollution in Phnom Penh and the city lacks green spaces, which is something I really miss.

What are your hobbies?

I do a bit of sport, otherwise we travel quite a lot with my partner, or our friends, at the weekend. We've already visited most of the regions in Cambodia, with the exception of the mountains.

Tell us more about Malongo coffee

It's an Italian-style coffee, quite strong and not acidic at all, with a little bitterness. What sets it apart from other coffees is that it's organic and fair trade. For example, the refill capsules are made from degradable materials and can be used for compost.


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