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“Save Mommy“: Charity art exhibition organised by Angkor Art Gallery to support abused women

Marum Estate presents “Save Mommy”, a Mother's Day charity art exhibition organised by Angkor Art Gallery to support women who are victims of violence.

Ms. Chou Mengly, Marum Estate Representative
Ms. Chou Mengly, Marum Estate Representative

On the occasion of Mother's Day, Marum Estate and Angkor Art Gallery, “Save Mummy” inaugurated a charity art exhibition aimed at empowering women through art and providing support to victims of violence. The exhibition can be seen at the Marum Estate In-City Sales Gallery at Point Community Mall, on Mao Tse Toung Boulevard in Phnom Penh. It will run until 31 July 2024.

Social responsibility and support for a noble cause

Marum Estate is committed to leveraging its resources for social good, focusing on creating a positive impact within the community. Organising the ‘Save Mommy’ event underlines its commitment to supporting noble causes that protect and empower women. “This collaboration with Angkor Art Gallery reflects Marum Estate's holistic approach to corporate responsibility, aiming to foster a supportive environment where art and philanthropy intersect to make a difference in the lives of women and their families ”.

“Save Mommy“: Charity art exhibition organised by Angkor Art Gallery to support abused women

Proceeds from the exhibition will go to the Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre (CWCC) to support the Banteay Meanchey shelter for women and girls who have survived domestic violence, abuse and human trafficking. The funds raised will provide essential services such as legal assistance, psychological counselling and shelter.

“We invite the community to join Marum Estate and Angkor Art Gallery invites the public to join this initiative to make a profound impact through ‘Save Mommy’. ‘Your participation will not only celebrate artistic talent, but also contribute to a cause that supports and uplifts women and their families when they are in need ” says the organisers' statement.

“Save Mommy“: Charity art exhibition organised by Angkor Art Gallery to support abused women

About the Sir Stamford Raffles Group

With a passion for property development and an in-depth knowledge of the Indochinese peninsula, Mr Ng Aung San and Ms Phebe Len co-founded the Sir Stamford Raffles Group (SSRG), headquartered in central Singapore. The group focuses on the development of real estate projects in the Indochinese peninsula.

SSRG is driven by a commitment to excellence, guided by the principles of strategic innovation, sustainable development and stakeholder value creation. Drawing on its many years of experience, the group says it is ready to ‘make a significant contribution to the growth and transformation of the region's real estate landscape, particularly in Phnom Penh. Marum Estate is SSRG's award-winning urban development project in Kandal, which includes luxury homes, shops, a school, a hospital and a host of community facilities.

About Angkor Art Gallery

Angkor Art Gallery connects Cambodia's cultural heritage with an international audience through a digital platform and multiple pop-up galleries. While committed to promoting Cambodian art on a global scale, the gallery uses art as a vehicle for community enrichment and social change. It supports educational programmes, health initiatives and efforts to preserve Cambodia's unique cultural heritage. For more information, visit

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