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Phnom Penh & Arts : LUNA KOL first exhibition in Cambodia ‘Between Land & Sea’

Phnom Penh - The Gallerist is proud to present its latest art exhibition, Luna Kol's 'Between Land & Sea’ on the 21st of february 2024 from 6pm.

LUNA KOL first exhibition in Cambodia ‘Between Land & Sea’

About Luna's art

Luna takes a unique approach to her painting, using solely oil paint pigments that she blends and transforms herself to create unique colours and textures. A constant thread running through Luna's works is her connection to her background, particularly her experiences travelling abroad. Instead of painting memories, she imbues the canvas with the energies of the places, people and cultures that have inspired her.

Luna's work is a testament to the power of art as a tool for healing, self-expression, and connection. In her own words, Luna explains more about her art:

“My paintings relate to a reflection about myself, question marks, emotions. I paint the same way I could write a music composition. I experiment with my senses, I play with pigments, I look for shapes, volumes, sequences, frequencies, transitions. The overlay and blend of each layer of colours are telling a story that belongs to me; it is my archeology, the archeology of oneself.”

The opening night in presence of the artist will be held on February 21st from 6 pm onwards. Come along to meet the artist, enjoy some refreshments, and immerse yourself in these thought-provoking arts on display.


According to Andreas Alberti, ‘Luna Kol summons the raw beauty of nature and the elements that make it up. The blue of the sky, the ochre of the earth and the gold of the sun take on a new dimension under her hands. Her works are conceived as short poems. She extracts a language of shapes and colours that combine, balance and elevate us.

Her technical mastery and her work with pure pigments enable her to bring light into the original chaos of creation. The play of contrasts is staggering. It captures and radiates far beyond the canvas. The artist paints the radiance of life.

Abstraction offers her a universe of her own, free and sensitive. The canvases are rich with influences and inspirations. They invite us to take an inner journey and awaken our senses.

LUNA KOL first exhibition in Cambodia ‘Between Land & Sea’

Rhythm, purity, musicality, virtuosity of gesture and palette, nothing is left to chance in the creation of her works. Her minimalist expression frees itself from artifice and grandiloquence to touch the purity of emotion. This choice of “less is more” is nourished by her experience of the world and the spirit of synthesis in her vision.

Luna Kol creates landscapes. She draws the contours of a shoreline, of a land, like so many traces left by the march of time. Organic and mineral elements intertwine harmoniously.

« The artist pays vibrant tribute to the very essence of nature and its power to create creation and childbirth. The richness of the material and the intensity of the chromatic range produces canvases of great evocative power, somewhere between lyrical abstraction and matierism. »

Her boundless art draws on both Western and Eastern culture. Turner crosses paths with Zao Wou-ki, Hans Hartung and Nguyen Tuong Lan.

Luna Kol is an artist of syncretism. She reveals the underlying beauty of the world and makes us reason in us a desire for abandonment and reconnection with nature.

All you have to do is let yourself be carried along…’


Luna Kol is a French artist born in Cambodia. After the Khmers rouges took power in 1975, her family fled the country and moved to France. As she adjusted to a new culture, Luna discovered art as a way to heal and express herself.

Early in her career, Luna focused on figurative drawing, with women and nudes being her primary subjects. However, she later shifted her focus to abstract painting, which allowed her to explore raw emotions and her personal history more deeply


Merci pour votre envoi !

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