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Initiative : OCIC Group supports "Green Oasis" project to plant 1 million trees in urban areas

At the occasion of the Earth Day 2024, OCIC Group is kickstarting the Green Oasis initiative. Green Oasis's objective is to plant 1 million trees in Cambodia, with a focus on urban areas.

OCIC Group supports "Green Oasis" project

Cambodia has been undergoing a steady urbanisation for the last 25 years. Thus, the impact driven Green Oasis initiative aims to promote the growth of sustainable communities and increase the availability of public green spaces.

 The inauguration of the event took place in Koh Pich with the groundbreaking of a 1 Hectare garden, marked by a symbolic tree planting ceremony.

Over a hundred participants, including students of 7 to 17 years old and representatives from various partners organisations including Happy Chandara, Toutes à l’école Luxembourg, ISI Group, PSE (Pour un Sourire d’Enfant), People in Need, The Canadian International School of Phnom Penh, Ecole Française Internationale, KMH Foundation, Archetype Group, LBL Construction, Bureau Veritas.

There is also support from entities such as Eurocham, Camtech University, AIESEC, JKAD, Women Shaping Cambodia, Connexion, Grow4Growth, Coconut Park, Compas, Cambodia Investment Review, The Mall Company and l’Irresistible, joined in the tree planting event as well as the whole initiative.

Thierry Tea, Vice President of OCIC Group, expressed,

“We see great necessity in the Green Oasis initiative. The trees we plant today will grow over the next 20 to 30 years. This is for the next generations.''

''As we evolve, we need to further contribute to nurture sustainable communities in urban and rural areas. It is a privilege to have been joined by students, parents and engaged supporters, here today, and we are looking forward to further expand this initiative together. Seeing children with us is a blessing. We do this for them."

 "Green spaces are important to the youth of Cambodia, offering places to learn and be inspired by nature, ensuring a sustainable legacy for generations to come" noted Khun Somavatey, student from Toutes à l’école Luxembourg. "Let's team up to develop sustainable community spaces."

 With many additions in recent years, in line with the vision of Neak Okhna Dr Pung Kheav Se, Koh Pich is now home to over 2,000 trees, a riverfront boardwalk along the river and several parks such as Coconut Park, Treellion Park, Aquation Offices Park or Elysee Garden.

OCIC Group supports "Green Oasis"

The new green haven in Koh Pich CBD, aligns with the goal of offering more greenery for the neighbourhood, residents, families, visitors, and office workers. Additionally, the initiative from the private sector and NGOs, echo the Ministry of Environment’s goals of planting 1 million trees per year.

In 2023, OCIC has invested in an initiative to save some of the trees from the former Odom Garden. They have been part of the conservation program of OCIC and will be replanted in the new Koh Pich garden.

A short distance away stands another impact investment’s development. Connexion is a newly constructed community hub designed with environment friendly aspects in focus. This bio-climatic building minimises its carbon footprint and will house an innovation centre, aspiring to become a hub for innovation and sustainability.

Green spaces and tree canopy play a key role for sustainable urban communities. They provide shade, reduce energy consumption, and create recreational areas for residents. Additionally, they support biodiversity and contribute to a healthier and more livable urban environment.

By prioritising the development and preservation of green spaces, initiatives like Green Oasis aim to enhance the quality of life in urban areas.

OCIC Group supports "Green Oasis"

About OCIC Group

The Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation Ltd. (OCIC Group), a wholly-owned business unit of Canadia Integrated Group, stands as one of Cambodia's premier investment companies, epitomising visionary leadership and pioneering social and public development. As one of the country's legacy investment conglomerates, we serve as a preferred global business partner, seamlessly blending local insights with unwavering commitment to global standards.

With landmark projects and ventures like Koh Pich, Chroy Changvar City, Norea City, Intercare Hospital, the Canadian International School of Phnom Penh, Dara Hotels Group and the new Techo International Airport, we consistently set developmental milestones. Upholding our core values of innovation, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, trust, respect, and integrity, OCIC is dedicated to not just economic contributions but enriching Cambodia's people and culture in every partnership and project we undertake. For more information on OCIC and its activities, please visit

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