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Phnom Penh & Photography : Snapshots of Cambodia (5), Chhbar Ampov market

It's a Cambodian market the way we like it: a huge, organised bric-a-brac, smiling grannies, the smell of grilled bananas and brine, alleys as muddy as you could wish for when it rains and cluttered with motorbikes, carts and trolleys that are often too wide.

The Chhbar Ampov market is one of those very typical, authentic places, far from the usual touristy capital markets. Here, there are few or no Westerners, the prices are the same for all customers and there's always a smile on everyone's face...

Located to the right of the eponymous bridge, the market is rather large, with open-air or rudimentarily covered stalls. You can find everything here, textiles, vegetables, meat, lots of imports from neighbouring countries, fish and fish products, cosmetics, bicycles...

A must-see is this catch-all arena, which looks like a mini Orussey in some of its aisles. The welcome is always smiling, there's lots of laughter and no time is wasted on useless haggling. A curiosity for a little immersion in a real Cambodian market.


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